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We first want to reassure you that we are a legitimate, professional company, run by friendly, experienced, considerate people. Nobody will try to hurt you or deceive you in any way. We also hold your privacy in top priority, and never expect you to do anything you don't want to do, or go where you don't want to go. We're very friendly, but we're also very selective with our escort applicants, and our selection process has only 50% to do with how you look. Other qualities are also important.
Full training is provided, and careful support & good security is always available. We need to be selective to continue attracting the finest gentlemen for our ladies. If you think you meet all the criteria , then please fill the form below, and we will be delighted to assess you for inclusion in our exclusive little tribe!
Please be assured that all information is 100% confidential, viewed only by top management. We do not retain records, or have any interest in interrupting anyone's peaceful life. Privacy and confidentiality are a priority for all of us, as well as respect.
Our selection process is based on what our clients like, so please be honest, as we will assess you in a personal interview also, and our clients will complain immediately if your bio does not match your personal presence. Most of our clients are regular return clients of the agency, so they know our standards, and what to expect.
The worst we can say is 'I'm sorry your application was unsuccessful - but we can still be friends!' ; )
If you'd like to be able to pay all your bills, buy the luxury things you like, live in a comfortable home and enjoy traveling, a position as an occasional elite escort can help you do that - in a fun, safe environment. Some people want to save capital for a business, or to help their families financially. It can all be possible with Bali Beauty Escort Agency. If you match our requirements below, we'd love to hear from you!
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